Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Last week was spring break for my school. I still had a reasonable amount of work to do, but I was able to strike a nice balance of spending time with Kindra and the girls as well. We tried some Mexican food, got doctor's visits in, and tried to relax. Kindra took me on a fun date. We went to Catalina State Park. It is very pretty, and only 10 minutes from our house. It is set in the mountains, but, of course, covered with cactuses. Suprisingly, there are pools formed by mountain runoff (I know, snow in Arizona?). So we hiked to some of the pools and cooled off by wading around in them. Quickly, the state park is one of the favorite places that I have been in Tucson. We will definitely go back (especially when we have visitors to show the sites!).I also took the time to do a little wood work. Just before Christmas, we had a mishap with our kitchen table. The leg broke off in a way that was beyond reasonable repair. Considering we bought the table 6 years ago for $12 at a yard sale, it was difficult to justify spending much to fix it anyway. However, it has been our family table forever. Luckily, we found a way to keep it part of the family. I used the table top to make a smaller table top and two benches, then built a base for a kid-sized picnic table. It is a bit wierd to see a picnic table made out of finished oak, but the girls love it! I still need to finish the edges, but that might have to wait until summer now that school is back in. Either way, it was a relaxing project over the break.
Here's a pic of the girls getting ready for the ward Easter egg hunt. Look out 20 years!


This game took forever!
DJ: Yeah, this is a long game, huh?
Kierra: Yeah...and also a boring one.

Ariana [while lifting up her shirt and poking out her tummy]: Look mom, I'm pregnant...pregnant and immodest!

Kierra [to Ariana after Ari got yelled at by a little boy]: Ariana, I love rainbows 100, but I love you 50 more!

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Chad & Bonny Day said...

I love Kindra's bangs so cute! I also love the picnic table! Good job DJ! CUTE girls! Love the kid quotes!