Sunday, October 12, 2008

It Works!!!

Today we had a nice Sunday family meal consisting of pork chops, rice, vegetables, and some of Kindra's delicious peach pie. After dinner, I took Ariana in the other room to play. After a few minutes, Kindra came in to talk to me. We were talking when Kierra came in with an entire pork chop in her hand. She was chewing and, all of sudden, she stopped walking and chewing. She reached for her face as it started to turn red. I realized she was choking, so I jumped up, leaned over, and gave her the heimlich manuever. She made a gurgling noise, and then a 4" x 1" x 1/2" chunk of fat from the pork chop came out of her mouth. I started saying, "Are you okay?" She just nodded her head and went in for another chunk of meat. We had a talk about getting meat by herself, and I am just glad she is okay. Now I know that the heimlich manuever really works. I hope that you can just take my word for that instead of figuring it out for yourself.

Last weekend was general conference for our church. It is a weekend full of spiritually uplifting talks. It was well-needed for me. I love relaxing with my family and listening to uplifting messages. Elder Uchtdorf gave an uplifting talk that talked to me especially. A couple of my other talks were given by President Monson, Elder Wirthlin, and Elder Perry. If you are having a rough day, check one of these talks out and it just might help.

Kid Quotes:

"That guy smells like he is way too old for me." -Kierra (referring to a guy at church)

"Hey, there's President Monson...where did his hair go?" - Kierra