Friday, June 26, 2009

4 Years Ago Today...

Kierra Lillian Fairhurst was born. Kierra's birthday celebration has been a week long. She shared a party with her aunt Mariah on Wednesday that involved kickball, a barbie cake, and a water balloon fight. Today she took her best friend Talia (the one she doesn't want to eat) to a place called Jump on It. They had a blast and she was giddy all night. Tomorrow we drive to Blackfoot, ID to see cousins and it will be another mini-party. Then it is on to Montana to see more cousins. Kierra is so much fun and she is very kind to everyone, especially her baby sister. Our lives would never be the same without our little RaRa.

This past week we went on a fun group date with some of our good friends from the MBA program. We played a round of disc golf (never can go wrong with disc golf) at Solitude Ski Resort. It was a lot of fun. I know they say there are mountains in Tucson, but I have a feeling they won't compare (see below).

We also went with Kindra's family to drop her brother at the MTC. He will be serving in the Tokyo Japan Mission. Because of the swine flu, you actually drop the missionary off and drive off as opposed to going in to say goodbye. It was fun and hopefully the last time I am in a minivan with 12 people!


Dad, I just saw an deer!
DJ: Wow!
Kierra: I could tell it was a boy because it had thorns on its head.

Ariana: I like your watch mom.
Kindra: Thank you Ari!
Kierra: Well, I like your puffy mole.

Mmmm! This water is juicy!

Kierra: Okay dad, I know I am not supposed to be out of bed, but this is an emergency!
DJ: What is it?
Kierra: Grandma Sainsbury's birthday is next week and we do not have a present yet! (I am pretty sure she came up with that after she declared it was an emergency).

Kierra: (from her bedroom) DAD! ARIANA PINCHED ME AND PULLED MY HAIR!!
DJ: (after running into their bedroom) Why did she do that?
Kierra: Because I told her too. We're hyper!
Ariana: Yeah, we hypa!

Ariana: Give me that Kierra!
Kierra: No.
Ariana: Please.
Kierra: No.
Ariana: TIMEOUT!