Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Responsibility

I had my last class of the semester on Monday...really, it is my last class in an MBA program. So, for the last 5 days I have had no responsibility. I will just say, it has been great! Over the last few days we went to SLC to take the girls to temple square and the children's museum, Kindra went with some friends to get a pedicure (a VERY rare occasion when Kindra will do something for herself), I played in a golf tournament, we both have been able to work out, we attended graduation, tonight it a closing party with friends from school, and we spent a lot of time as a family. With all of those activities, the best thing has been no homework at night, breakfast with the family in the morning, watching a little tv without feeling guilty, etc. It has been a nice break and I feel rejuvenated. Here are some pictures:

Family Car Wash

Of course the car wash turned into a water fight and that, of course, lead to Kierra and Ariana running around scantily clad.

The Christus at temple square.

Right after graduation...the girls weren't necessarily in the mood for pictures after a three hour graduation.

I have really enjoyed the MBA program at BYU. I have met so many good friends in this program. The nice thing is, I can keep in touch with them and I don't have to do the homework anymore. I will miss associating daily with the people that I have met over the last two years.


Ariana hits Kierra.
That didn't hurt.
Ariana hits Kierra again.
That didn't hurt.
Ariana hits Kierra again.
That didn't hurt.
Ariana claws Kierra's legs.
That kind of hurt.

Kierra: Dad, I think it would be good to live in Arizona. I have always wanted to live where the white polar bears live. (she might be sorely disappointed.)

Kierra: Where are you going dad?
Dad: I have a temple recommend interview.
Kierra: What is that? What do you do there?
Dad: I meet with the bishop and the stake president. They ask me questions to see if I am trying to do what's right.
Kierra: Uh oh!
Dad: What? Don't you think I will do well at the interview?
Kierra: Well, sometimes you forget that stupid is a bad word!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today is Easter, and it is so much fun with our little girls. They get so excited over the smallest things. I found a good Easter message here. I really enjoy the Easter season. It invokes many of the same thoughts and feelings as Christmas, but there is not as much commotion (except finals).

We are waiting to see where/if we will be going for our PhD program this year. We are down to three possibilities: University of Arizona, Purdue University, and Penn St. It is also possible that we also get a second masters and re-apply next year. Waiting to hear is driving me a bit crazy, but I am getting used that (being crazy). Here are some pics:

Kierra loved letting the new baby calves suck on her hands (sick!).
Ariana loves to take a bath!Both girls loved the Easter egg hunt at Grandpa Butterfields.


Dad: Okay, it is almost bedtime.
Kierra: I know, I know. Put on your PJs, brush your teeth, blah, blah, blah. (Thank you Aunt Kelli and Glenn Beck!)

Kierra: Hey Ari, say howie you ya. (The Hallelujah Chorus was on in the car)
Ariana: Howie you ya. (This went on for about ten minutes with lots of laughter.)

Kierra: Hey dad, I saw a statue of Rush Mountain. (That is Kierra-ese for Mount Rushmore)
Dad: How did you know?
Kierra: Because there were four little boy's faces carved in it.