Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready or Not...

Ariana is starting to scare us! One of her favorite new words is 'hide'. Unfortunately, she doesn't say it until she does it. She will randomly wander off, close the door (whether the light is on or off), find a place to hide, and wait for us to find her. It would probably be helpful if we new we were supposed to be looking for her. We have found her in many dark rooms, in cupboards, in the bathroom, behind our close hamper, in the dryer, in a locked room at the church (luckily there was another door that was not locked), etc. I really hope that her next favorite word is 'seek'. Here are some photos of her hiding (Kierra thought it looked so fun, that she decided to join in):
Kindra went to a place called Color Me Mine this past week. It is a ceramic shop. You go, pick out which piece of ceramic you would like to decorate, and then you paint and decorate it. They have a huge variety of paints and stencils. Kindra's friend gave her the idea of a 'celebrate plate'. It is a way to recognize someone in the family that does something special by letting them eat on the celebrate plate. She had a lot of fun and wants to go back. I don't necessarily want to go, so if you are thinking of a vacation, consider Color Me Mine in beautiful Provo, UT! Here is a picture of the Celebrate Plate:
Kid Quotes:

Kierra, put your pants on please.
Kierra: Dad, no, I want to put my hands in the pockets of my panties.
DJ: Kierra, your panties don't have pockets. Put your pants on.
Kierra: No dad! You don't understand. 'Pockets of my panties' is Spanish for 'pockets of my pants'.

Jungle, hide, sparkle, all animal noises, up, more, drink, why she sad, thank you, and cracker (which sounds very much like thank you).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

...For a Sunbeam

Kierra started Sunbeams last week. She was so excited! I thought I might peek in on her. The primary president was teaching the class. She wanted to have the kids get their wiggles out, so she said, "Stand up, turn around and sit down." Kierra apparently is very literal in her obedience. She stood up, turned around (180 degrees), and sat down on the floor. The primary president looked at her, laughed, and said, "I am sorry. I wasn't very clear. I meant for you to sit on your chair." So, Kierra stood up and sat down on her chair...still facing the back of the classroom. It was pretty funny. She did great. I think she is going to love primary! Here are some pictures of her first day:

We changed to 1:00 p.m. church last week. Here is a little math for you:
1:00 p.m. Church + 16 Month Old Daughter =

(Peace in Sunday School)

So, I called home this week and heard something that I didn't expect to hear. "I have to go. Kierra got her tongue stuck in the door." What?! I was left for a few hours to wonder how you get your tongue stuck in the door. It really isn't that involved of an explanation. Kindra was coming inside and Kierra stuck her tongue in the hinge side of the door when Kindra was closing it. Luckily Kindra didn't try to slam the door after it wouldn't close the first time, so Kierra still has a tongue! Just one of those stories I thought others should hear about.

Kid Quotes:

Ariana: Hi DJ
Me: Daddy.
Ariana: DJ!
Me: Daddy!
Ariana: My Daddy DJ! (I was okay with that)

Me: I am just trying to figure out the best way to help you out.
Kierra: I know how you can help us!
Me: How?
Kierra: Make some money
Me: Why do you want me to make some money?
Kierra: So you can buy us a house.
Me: Why do you want me to buy us a house?
Kierra: So I can have a puppy!