Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pics and Quotes

I don't have a whole lot of time to write, but here are some more current shots of the girls in our new backyard. A few quick memories, then onto the quotes...

  • Remember when I dropped Ariana under water at the swimming pool and she didn't even cry?
  • Remember when I got a new (used) car that I didn't realize had an alarm system until Kierra set it off at the HOA party and I couldn't get it to stop beeping, so it probably looked like I was stealing a car to all of my new neighbors?
  • Remember how I love 75 degree evenings on my back porch?
  • Remember how I love date night, family home evening, and Sundays?
  • Remember how you want to come visit us in Tucson?


Kierra: Dad, there's pine trees! Maybe Arizona really isn't a desert.

Kierra: Dad, the wind is blowing! Maybe it really isn't that hot in Arizona!

Kierra: Dad, what is 10 + 10?
Me: 20
Kierra: What is 20 + 20?
Me: 40
This went on for a while until...
Dad: What is 640 + 640?
Me: 1,280
Kierra: Whoa! That is a lot!...Is that how old Grandma Curtis is?

Ariana: [singing while playing the piano] - A - B - C - D - E - F - G, I love momma she loves me. I love daddy, he' school. (I was actually sitting right by her)

Kierra: What is that book dad?
Me: Fixed Income Analysis
Kierra: Can you read me some?
Me: You probably won't like it.
Kierra: Pleeeeeaassse!
Me: Okay. [I read a paragraph]
Kierra: That was pretty boring, and I didn't understand the words....but I really like it!

Ariana: [As she runs away] Never, never! (this is her best impression of Sleeping Beauty)