Sunday, July 26, 2009

Future's So Bright...

We have had a busy few weeks. It started out with a nice trip to Montana. We were able to see four of my siblings and their families, see my grandma, hit the Great Falls Waterpark (see below), visit a buffalo jump, play some disc golf and just relax. I always enjoy going back there, but the then responsibility has to hit.

We returned to Utah and quickly got ready to go to Tucson (just Kindra and I) to look for a place to live. It was a whirlwind trip. We looked at houses about 11 hours each day. There were a lot of trade-offs to be made and we had a difficult time deciding. We were able to squeeze in an opening day movie of Harry Potter and midnight swim in the world's coolest pool.
We got on the plane the next day still not knowing which place to rent. After talking out all of the pros and cons, we made a decision. We got off of the plane, drove to Park City, stopped at a Staples and faxed over the lease for this house:
With that stress finally settled, we drove from Park City to the Uintas to camp with Kindra's family. We camped for two nights in a beautiful place. We relaxed, fished, visited, ATE. We had a great time, but, by the end, we were definitely ready for our own beds!
Last week we went to Lagoon so that Kindra could get her final fill before we move. She had a blast! I, on the other hand, do not like amusement parks. Why is it when a plane's turbulence throws you all around and makes you feel like your face is being pulled off it is horrible, but when a roller coaster makes you feel the same way it is awesome? Okay, nerdy accountant checking out (next week I will vent about how hard it is getting nose bleeds). Kindra had a great time, and a happy wife makes for a happy family.


Kierra, it looks like you have a primary party this week. How cool is that?!
Kierra: Way cool...except I am supposed to bring my scriptures.