Sunday, December 7, 2008

City Slicker

Our Happy Ariana...most of the time.

Kindra's birthday celebration.

Cutting down our Christmas Tree with Kindra's family.

So, for those of you who don't know, my father-in-law has a small farm and he has more cows at his brother's house nearby. The other day, after getting our Christmas tree, I needed some twine to tie our tree to our car (picture Clark Griswold minus the station wagon). So we ran over to the farm to get some bailing twine. We went over by the hay bails where we could get some used twine. When we got there, we realized there were two cows loose. So, my father-in-law ran and opened the gate and told me to bring the cows over...WHAT?! How, do you bring cows over? They're huge! I am a fairly large person, so one of my rules has always been not to mess with anything bigger than me. So I tell the cows to go over to the gate, but they are not listening. My father-in-law tells me to push them over. So I pushed the cow. The cow looks at me, moos a little, and goes back to eating. In the meantime, all of the cow friends that are still in the fence start surrounding me...and they looked hungry! I have never really thought about how appetizing I look until this point in my life, but the drool coming out of those animals mouths tell me that I might make a good meal. Well, I could go on and on, but I will spare you. We got the cows in (after they decided that I made a big enough fool of myself). However, I did learn one thing about myself. Accounting was a very good decision for a career path for me.

Kid Quotes

Mom, is dad going to say stupid?

Kierra: Dad, what did Ariana get me for Christmas?
Dad: You'll have to wait until Christmas.
Kierra: Oh, I think that I know. She was probably like maybe I'll get her a baby, maybe I'll get her a, maybe I'll get her a, maybe I'll get her that makeup thing from the Disney store...yeah, that's it!

Oh, I am falling asleep.
Kierra: [begins to sing to Kindra]
Kindra: Are you singing me to sleep?
Kierra: Yes.
Kindra: Oh, that is so nice. Why are you doing that?
Kierra: So I can watch a MOOOOO-VEEEEEE!