Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Wrongs Make a Right?!

This weekend we decided to keep things relatively low-key. The girls have had it with long drives (I'm not keen on it either). So Friday I got home from work a little earlier, and grabbed Kindra and the girls. We went of to a small restaurant that only serves from a window. Behind the restaurant there is an area to sit right on the water. It was good (greasy) food and a lot of fun. It was nice just to relax as a family. Saturday we took a trip to Stew Leonards. It is a giant grocery store with its own dairy, fresh baked bread products, butchers, fresh meat, cheese, and fruits, their own sushi chefs, lots of free samples, animals that sing and dance (imagine Chuck E Cheese), restaurant, ice cream area, petting zoo, etc., etc. I have heard it called the Disneyland of grocery stores. That made me cringe. I don't like grocery stores, and I am not a big fan of Disneyland. But somehow combine them, and you have yourself a fun-filled family adventure. It was a lot of fun and a nice time.

Ariana is definitely growing up. Her vocabulary is at about five words, and she is crawling all over the place. She is becoming pretty opinionated (that makes four of us). Kierra and her have had their first fights. The first one happened in the stroller. Ariana scratched Kierra, so Kierra said, "Ariana, please don't do that." So, Ariana scratched her agian. Kierra replied with, "ARIANA, please don't do that." So, Ariana scratched Kierra again. Kierra blurted, "ARIANA, STOP SCRATCHING ME!!!" So, Ariana scratched Kierra again. This time Kierra resorted to a little arm squeeze, and we had to intervene. There have been more, and I am sure there will be many more. However, the girls really do enjoy playing together most of the time. When Ariana wakes up from her nap, Kierra greets her with a, "Well, hello Miss Ariana Susa." You would never see a happier 10 month old than when Ariana hears that from her big sis. It makes the cat fights all worth it.


Kierra: Dad, I think we should go to the store and get some C-R-M-C-L's.
Dad: What does that spell?
Kierra: Doughnuts!

Kierra: What time does the library close?
Librarian: We close in a few minutes. It is time to pack up.
Kierra: Okay. Bye. Love you.

Nursery Leader: What is your favorite song?
Kierra: If You Could Hie to Kolob.
Nursery Leader: Oh, so you know where you come from?!
Kierra: Yeah, I come from Utah.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rabid Dog

This weekend for the Fourth, we used our extra day of driving to head up to Palmyra, NY. Unfortunately, I forgot our digital camera, so we will have to wait to add pictures (and when I say wait, I mean it will take us a while to find an antique shop that still has a machine to develop 35 mm pictures). Palmyra was great. For those of you that are not of the LDS faith, it is the place that our church was organized, and there were many special occurrences there. We missed the pageant, but it turned out to be great. We had almost the entire place to ourselves. It was a great fourth of July activity, considering the great privilege that we have in this country to worship in the way that we see fit. On the way back, however, we had a really scary experience. We stopped at a small town in New York to get lunch. Kindra was feeding the baby, and Kierra and I were playing in the grass by a convenience store. A man came up to me to see if I had a cell phone he could use. He informed me that his van had been stolen, and he needed to call his parents to come get him. So, I let him use our phone. I had noticed a dog earlier tied to a pole by the station. I had Kierra stay away from the dog because I didn't know if it was a nice dog. Well, while the man was on hold, he saw Kierra looking at the dog. He told me that the dog was very nice, and Kierra would be fine petting it. I went over to the dog with Kierra. I put my hand out. The dog sniffed my hand, and then licked me. It seemed okay. Kierra pet the dog a little bit, and then they laid down. Kierra sat next to the dog. Out of nowhere, the dog reached up and bit at Kierra face. I quickly got between Kierra and the and picked Kierra up. She was holding her hand over her face. Luckily, when I took her hand away I found that the dog did not break skin. Kierra had a red line from one tooth that ran from the brim of her nose to her cheek, missing her eye by about an inch. Then I saw the man kick his dog. It was pretty obvious to me that he had hit his dog before which explains the passive-aggressive behavior. Anyways, it was a scary way to finish a trip, but we are so greatful that Kierra is okay. Kierra's only response was, "When we get a house, I think we should only get a little dog."

Kierra Quotes:

Dad: Only people that are married kiss each other on the lips. (I am taking the liberty to stretch the truth a little...don't judge.)
Kierra: What about the Disney Princesses?!

"Dad, remember when I told you that I liked Connecticut, but I liked Utah a little bit more. Well, I changed my mind...I like Utah a lot more."

Araina Quotes:

"Uhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh"