Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quips, Pics, and Kid Quotes

So, some of you figured out the riddle. We have been accepted to attend a PhD program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. This has been a dream for both Kindra and I for a while and we are excited and anxious to start. We will be moving to Tucson in the end of July.

We rode our bikes to Utah Lake the other day. It was pretty fun on the way there. The way back was a little more difficult. The girls were a bit sick of being in tight quarters in the carrier. Ariana proceeded to pummel Kierra every chance she got. I had to stop every couple of minutes to pull Ari off of Kierra. Kierra was pretty patient. We told her to slap Ari's hand away next time. Well, a few minutes later, Ari grabbed a fist full of Kierra's hair. Let's just say that slapping someone's arm away when they have a tight grip on your hair doesn't necessarily help the situation. Overall, it was fun.

Question: What is a moving lump that is pink, blue, and white all over?

Answer: Kierra's newest way of getting out of bed at night.

Kindra's brother Caleb and his wife Jessica and their two kids are visiting right now. Caleb is currently in law school in Boston. It is fun having them here. Tonight we went on a date with them, Kindra's parents and Kindra's brother Clayton and his fiancee, Courtney. We took canoes out on the Provo River. It was really pretty and we saw a few beavers, an owl, and, let's not forget, witnessed a few water fights. We had a good time.


Kierra: Meat is dead animals?
Kindra: Yes, Heavenly Father provided us with animals for many reasons. One of them is for us to eat their bodies to keep us healthy.
Kierra: [after a brief pause] If we eat my best friend Talia I will be so mad!

DJ: Ariana, you need to say sorry to Kierra.
Ariana: No! [with her bottow lip sticking out]
DJ: If you don't say sorry, you will have to lay in the bed for a while.
Ariana: Bed!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Riddle

From wildcat to grizzly to rustler to viking to wolverine to cougar back to wildcat!