Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Thorn in My (back)Side

We are gearing up for summer. Kierra's last day of school is Thursday and I have a qualifying exam on Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be a good day! Towards the end of the year, Kierra's school held a field day. They had many games and capped it off with an inflatable water slide. Kierra had a blast!

The girls have been playing pretty well together. They do all sorts of things. One thing they like is dress-up. We have several Disney princess dresses, tutus, leotards, etc. Of course, those aren't what they use for dress-up. This last week, they dressed up as mom and dad in our clothes. I have to say, Ariana looks ready to be a mom!

Arizona, not surprisingly, is full of gnarly looking cacti. What we didn't expect was all of the thorns on plants other than cacti. Kierra has had a particular knack for finding plants with pokies. I have lost track, but several times she has come home with dozens of tiny thorns that had to be picked out of her hand one by one. The latest occurance was this past week as Kindra and the girls visited the local Botanical Gardens. However, Kierra's experiences pale in comparison to Teya's. One night this week, Kindra was changing Teya's diaper. She yelled that something was wrong...Teya had been stung by a bee. I came in and felt the bump on her bottom, and, sure enough, it felt like a stinger was in there. Kindra grabbed the tweezers and started the extraction. The 'stinger' kept coming and coming. Kindra pulled out what was either the stinger from a bee the size of a small bird or a large thorn.

This thorn was sticking directly into her bottom (thank goodness for padding). We have no idea how long it was in there. All I know is I couldn't find a hole in her diaper or clothes and the thorn had been in there long enough to get soggy! Poor Teya!


Mom and Dad:
What did you learn about in church today Ariana?
I don't teacher didn't tell me!

Are you excited or sad that kindergarten is almost over?
Both...I am excited because I need a break. I am sad because it means I am that much closer to 1st grade!