Sunday, November 15, 2009


We have now been in Tucson almost three months. Here is quick update on each of us:

Ariana (2) is a very happy, and very serious girl. She loves playing with her big sister. She can also play by herself for quite a while. She has so much imagination. She is constantly playing she is a different character. Most days start out with us referring to her as Ariana, and she replies, "I am not Ariana. I am _______ (insert a Princess, fairy, aristocat or Mogley). However, when you call her whatever she is pretending to be 10 minutes later, it has changed, and you are in trouble for not knowing what it has changed to. She loves barbies and figurines. She likes a little mischief. But she is a very good girl.

Kierra is growing up fast. She is very well behaved. She is also very sensitive. If she ever gets treats, she makes sure to save some for Ariana, Kindra, and I...even if it is a fourth of a cookie, we each get a piece. You know her dad loves that!. She goes to a two hour pre-school twice a week. She looks forward to that. Most mornings she asks if today is pre-school. She is starting to learn how to play the piano. She can play Twinkle Little Star. She is very patient and caring with Ariana. She gave her first talk in church and insisted that she do it alone. She did great. She came up with the ideas for the talk, practiced several times, and said it by herself.

Kindra does so much to keep us all going. She keeps the girls going each day, and she keeps my spirit up on the hard days. She is in charge of a play group with several other women in are area. She has also been playing the piano each night as the girls go down to bed. I love hearing her play. She spends her spare time (which she doesn't get much of) reading, exercising, and finding good deals on the internet. She recently got called to be involved with achievement day girls at church (the 8-11 year old girls activity group). She is very busy and does so much for all of us.

I have been surviving school. I have started to enjoy my classes a little more (mainly because there is the occassionaly topic that I understand). I spend most of my days at the school. I don't do any work on Sunday, and that has quickly and clearly become the best day of the week for me. I play basketball at least 3 times a week before I go to school to keep myself sane.


Mmmm. Can I have some more fuzzy cookies? (we were having german pancakes for breakfast)

Kierra: Dad, look! A boy dear!
Me: How do you know it's a boy?
Kierra: It has thorns!

Neighbor: Come here Taco. (Taco is their pet chihuahua)
Ariana: That's not a taco, that's a dog!