Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, the past few weeks in our house have been a little crazy. I am still being acclimated to the life of a graduate student. There are some great benefits such as a great faculty and curriculum, great people to work with, a recent #1 rating of regional MBA programs, many recruiting companies, and a little time each night to see my family. There are a few downsides such as not feeling like you can help your wife and daughter when they get the puke flu within a week of each other. Somehow we should get sick days. It is also very emotionally draining, and, for those of you who think like my sister, that doesn't mean I cry a lot. There are just a lot of emotions, good and bad, each day. From feeling excited about new opportunities to feeling overwhelmed by all of the work to feeling grateful for the help of others, to feeling exhausted at the end of the day, to feeling frustrated that you spent an entire day doing homework and didn't take any time to make contacts for an internship (but never, ever crying). In the end, I get a great sense of fulfillment by what I am doing. Kierra asks me each day if I had fun at BYU Cougars. It seems to me that she might think I am on the football team. I am okay with her thinking long as she doesn't mistake me for one of the Cougars' offensive lineman. Kindra has been great with Ariana. She has healed quickly, and she does a great job of holding down the fort. So, at this pace I will 'blog it up' every six weeks, so you might hear from me some time in November. I will end with my favorite recent Kierra sayings:
4. "Don't Worry Dad. I will betect Ariana."
3. "We're going to Uncle Caleb and Aunt Jessica's house. Jessica is really excited to see me."
2. "Can we have family home evening again, so I can have another treat?"
1. "Mom, I want to get out of the shower. It is too watery."