Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Wedding

We are almost officially settled in Arizona!!! There are a couple of boxes here and there, but other than that we're done. Hurray!!! Now for some catch up time after the madness :) While D.J. was studying like mad during "math boot camp"(yes...that's what they really called it) we were having a good old time in Utah (missing D.J. of course :)). Clayton and Cortnie decided to get hitched during this time and we were more than happy to be able to be there for their wedding. It started out with tons of showers. I think Cortnie had like six, or something-You know it's true Cortnie! Anyways, Kierra had a blast dressing up with her friends pretending that she was getting married. She was so cute as she danced around the kitchen in her "wedding dress" that various people made for her. The wedding dinner was fun...Did I mention the fact that I didn't bring the kids with me? Hmmmm.....maybe that was why it felt so relaxing:). Hey look! How did Aaron get into the picture with us. I thought that he was in Japan, or something like that. Weird! Clayton and Cortnie got married in the Manti Temple on a beautiful day. Compared to Arizona it was freezing....but who's complaing? The few relaxing moments were spent watching the girls roll down the hills the temple was on. They had way too much fun doing this. Sorry about the undies picture-too cute to pass up. The girls have been wanting some ballet tutu's (however you spell it) for awhile now. So I decided why not just make them for the wedding. Perfect right? Two things at once makes a great multitasker....go me! They danced and ran around the whole night. Kierra especially had fun when her Uncle Caleb threw her up in the air. Ariana being scared of heights prefered to spin with her Mother. I love this picture of the "girls." Here's Jessica, Shanae, myself, and Mariah. Congrats Clayton and Cortnie! Hope you had a great day-better have with all the work we put in. j/k...kind of :) We're glad to have Cortnie as part of the fam!