Sunday, November 15, 2009


We have now been in Tucson almost three months. Here is quick update on each of us:

Ariana (2) is a very happy, and very serious girl. She loves playing with her big sister. She can also play by herself for quite a while. She has so much imagination. She is constantly playing she is a different character. Most days start out with us referring to her as Ariana, and she replies, "I am not Ariana. I am _______ (insert a Princess, fairy, aristocat or Mogley). However, when you call her whatever she is pretending to be 10 minutes later, it has changed, and you are in trouble for not knowing what it has changed to. She loves barbies and figurines. She likes a little mischief. But she is a very good girl.

Kierra is growing up fast. She is very well behaved. She is also very sensitive. If she ever gets treats, she makes sure to save some for Ariana, Kindra, and I...even if it is a fourth of a cookie, we each get a piece. You know her dad loves that!. She goes to a two hour pre-school twice a week. She looks forward to that. Most mornings she asks if today is pre-school. She is starting to learn how to play the piano. She can play Twinkle Little Star. She is very patient and caring with Ariana. She gave her first talk in church and insisted that she do it alone. She did great. She came up with the ideas for the talk, practiced several times, and said it by herself.

Kindra does so much to keep us all going. She keeps the girls going each day, and she keeps my spirit up on the hard days. She is in charge of a play group with several other women in are area. She has also been playing the piano each night as the girls go down to bed. I love hearing her play. She spends her spare time (which she doesn't get much of) reading, exercising, and finding good deals on the internet. She recently got called to be involved with achievement day girls at church (the 8-11 year old girls activity group). She is very busy and does so much for all of us.

I have been surviving school. I have started to enjoy my classes a little more (mainly because there is the occassionaly topic that I understand). I spend most of my days at the school. I don't do any work on Sunday, and that has quickly and clearly become the best day of the week for me. I play basketball at least 3 times a week before I go to school to keep myself sane.


Mmmm. Can I have some more fuzzy cookies? (we were having german pancakes for breakfast)

Kierra: Dad, look! A boy dear!
Me: How do you know it's a boy?
Kierra: It has thorns!

Neighbor: Come here Taco. (Taco is their pet chihuahua)
Ariana: That's not a taco, that's a dog!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pics and Quotes

I don't have a whole lot of time to write, but here are some more current shots of the girls in our new backyard. A few quick memories, then onto the quotes...

  • Remember when I dropped Ariana under water at the swimming pool and she didn't even cry?
  • Remember when I got a new (used) car that I didn't realize had an alarm system until Kierra set it off at the HOA party and I couldn't get it to stop beeping, so it probably looked like I was stealing a car to all of my new neighbors?
  • Remember how I love 75 degree evenings on my back porch?
  • Remember how I love date night, family home evening, and Sundays?
  • Remember how you want to come visit us in Tucson?


Kierra: Dad, there's pine trees! Maybe Arizona really isn't a desert.

Kierra: Dad, the wind is blowing! Maybe it really isn't that hot in Arizona!

Kierra: Dad, what is 10 + 10?
Me: 20
Kierra: What is 20 + 20?
Me: 40
This went on for a while until...
Dad: What is 640 + 640?
Me: 1,280
Kierra: Whoa! That is a lot!...Is that how old Grandma Curtis is?

Ariana: [singing while playing the piano] - A - B - C - D - E - F - G, I love momma she loves me. I love daddy, he' school. (I was actually sitting right by her)

Kierra: What is that book dad?
Me: Fixed Income Analysis
Kierra: Can you read me some?
Me: You probably won't like it.
Kierra: Pleeeeeaassse!
Me: Okay. [I read a paragraph]
Kierra: That was pretty boring, and I didn't understand the words....but I really like it!

Ariana: [As she runs away] Never, never! (this is her best impression of Sleeping Beauty)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Wedding

We are almost officially settled in Arizona!!! There are a couple of boxes here and there, but other than that we're done. Hurray!!! Now for some catch up time after the madness :) While D.J. was studying like mad during "math boot camp"(yes...that's what they really called it) we were having a good old time in Utah (missing D.J. of course :)). Clayton and Cortnie decided to get hitched during this time and we were more than happy to be able to be there for their wedding. It started out with tons of showers. I think Cortnie had like six, or something-You know it's true Cortnie! Anyways, Kierra had a blast dressing up with her friends pretending that she was getting married. She was so cute as she danced around the kitchen in her "wedding dress" that various people made for her. The wedding dinner was fun...Did I mention the fact that I didn't bring the kids with me? Hmmmm.....maybe that was why it felt so relaxing:). Hey look! How did Aaron get into the picture with us. I thought that he was in Japan, or something like that. Weird! Clayton and Cortnie got married in the Manti Temple on a beautiful day. Compared to Arizona it was freezing....but who's complaing? The few relaxing moments were spent watching the girls roll down the hills the temple was on. They had way too much fun doing this. Sorry about the undies picture-too cute to pass up. The girls have been wanting some ballet tutu's (however you spell it) for awhile now. So I decided why not just make them for the wedding. Perfect right? Two things at once makes a great multitasker....go me! They danced and ran around the whole night. Kierra especially had fun when her Uncle Caleb threw her up in the air. Ariana being scared of heights prefered to spin with her Mother. I love this picture of the "girls." Here's Jessica, Shanae, myself, and Mariah. Congrats Clayton and Cortnie! Hope you had a great day-better have with all the work we put in. j/k...kind of :) We're glad to have Cortnie as part of the fam!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Future's So Bright...

We have had a busy few weeks. It started out with a nice trip to Montana. We were able to see four of my siblings and their families, see my grandma, hit the Great Falls Waterpark (see below), visit a buffalo jump, play some disc golf and just relax. I always enjoy going back there, but the then responsibility has to hit.

We returned to Utah and quickly got ready to go to Tucson (just Kindra and I) to look for a place to live. It was a whirlwind trip. We looked at houses about 11 hours each day. There were a lot of trade-offs to be made and we had a difficult time deciding. We were able to squeeze in an opening day movie of Harry Potter and midnight swim in the world's coolest pool.
We got on the plane the next day still not knowing which place to rent. After talking out all of the pros and cons, we made a decision. We got off of the plane, drove to Park City, stopped at a Staples and faxed over the lease for this house:
With that stress finally settled, we drove from Park City to the Uintas to camp with Kindra's family. We camped for two nights in a beautiful place. We relaxed, fished, visited, ATE. We had a great time, but, by the end, we were definitely ready for our own beds!
Last week we went to Lagoon so that Kindra could get her final fill before we move. She had a blast! I, on the other hand, do not like amusement parks. Why is it when a plane's turbulence throws you all around and makes you feel like your face is being pulled off it is horrible, but when a roller coaster makes you feel the same way it is awesome? Okay, nerdy accountant checking out (next week I will vent about how hard it is getting nose bleeds). Kindra had a great time, and a happy wife makes for a happy family.


Kierra, it looks like you have a primary party this week. How cool is that?!
Kierra: Way cool...except I am supposed to bring my scriptures.

Friday, June 26, 2009

4 Years Ago Today...

Kierra Lillian Fairhurst was born. Kierra's birthday celebration has been a week long. She shared a party with her aunt Mariah on Wednesday that involved kickball, a barbie cake, and a water balloon fight. Today she took her best friend Talia (the one she doesn't want to eat) to a place called Jump on It. They had a blast and she was giddy all night. Tomorrow we drive to Blackfoot, ID to see cousins and it will be another mini-party. Then it is on to Montana to see more cousins. Kierra is so much fun and she is very kind to everyone, especially her baby sister. Our lives would never be the same without our little RaRa.

This past week we went on a fun group date with some of our good friends from the MBA program. We played a round of disc golf (never can go wrong with disc golf) at Solitude Ski Resort. It was a lot of fun. I know they say there are mountains in Tucson, but I have a feeling they won't compare (see below).

We also went with Kindra's family to drop her brother at the MTC. He will be serving in the Tokyo Japan Mission. Because of the swine flu, you actually drop the missionary off and drive off as opposed to going in to say goodbye. It was fun and hopefully the last time I am in a minivan with 12 people!


Dad, I just saw an deer!
DJ: Wow!
Kierra: I could tell it was a boy because it had thorns on its head.

Ariana: I like your watch mom.
Kindra: Thank you Ari!
Kierra: Well, I like your puffy mole.

Mmmm! This water is juicy!

Kierra: Okay dad, I know I am not supposed to be out of bed, but this is an emergency!
DJ: What is it?
Kierra: Grandma Sainsbury's birthday is next week and we do not have a present yet! (I am pretty sure she came up with that after she declared it was an emergency).

Kierra: (from her bedroom) DAD! ARIANA PINCHED ME AND PULLED MY HAIR!!
DJ: (after running into their bedroom) Why did she do that?
Kierra: Because I told her too. We're hyper!
Ariana: Yeah, we hypa!

Ariana: Give me that Kierra!
Kierra: No.
Ariana: Please.
Kierra: No.
Ariana: TIMEOUT!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quips, Pics, and Kid Quotes

So, some of you figured out the riddle. We have been accepted to attend a PhD program at the University of Arizona in Tucson. This has been a dream for both Kindra and I for a while and we are excited and anxious to start. We will be moving to Tucson in the end of July.

We rode our bikes to Utah Lake the other day. It was pretty fun on the way there. The way back was a little more difficult. The girls were a bit sick of being in tight quarters in the carrier. Ariana proceeded to pummel Kierra every chance she got. I had to stop every couple of minutes to pull Ari off of Kierra. Kierra was pretty patient. We told her to slap Ari's hand away next time. Well, a few minutes later, Ari grabbed a fist full of Kierra's hair. Let's just say that slapping someone's arm away when they have a tight grip on your hair doesn't necessarily help the situation. Overall, it was fun.

Question: What is a moving lump that is pink, blue, and white all over?

Answer: Kierra's newest way of getting out of bed at night.

Kindra's brother Caleb and his wife Jessica and their two kids are visiting right now. Caleb is currently in law school in Boston. It is fun having them here. Tonight we went on a date with them, Kindra's parents and Kindra's brother Clayton and his fiancee, Courtney. We took canoes out on the Provo River. It was really pretty and we saw a few beavers, an owl, and, let's not forget, witnessed a few water fights. We had a good time.


Kierra: Meat is dead animals?
Kindra: Yes, Heavenly Father provided us with animals for many reasons. One of them is for us to eat their bodies to keep us healthy.
Kierra: [after a brief pause] If we eat my best friend Talia I will be so mad!

DJ: Ariana, you need to say sorry to Kierra.
Ariana: No! [with her bottow lip sticking out]
DJ: If you don't say sorry, you will have to lay in the bed for a while.
Ariana: Bed!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Riddle

From wildcat to grizzly to rustler to viking to wolverine to cougar back to wildcat!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Responsibility

I had my last class of the semester on Monday...really, it is my last class in an MBA program. So, for the last 5 days I have had no responsibility. I will just say, it has been great! Over the last few days we went to SLC to take the girls to temple square and the children's museum, Kindra went with some friends to get a pedicure (a VERY rare occasion when Kindra will do something for herself), I played in a golf tournament, we both have been able to work out, we attended graduation, tonight it a closing party with friends from school, and we spent a lot of time as a family. With all of those activities, the best thing has been no homework at night, breakfast with the family in the morning, watching a little tv without feeling guilty, etc. It has been a nice break and I feel rejuvenated. Here are some pictures:

Family Car Wash

Of course the car wash turned into a water fight and that, of course, lead to Kierra and Ariana running around scantily clad.

The Christus at temple square.

Right after graduation...the girls weren't necessarily in the mood for pictures after a three hour graduation.

I have really enjoyed the MBA program at BYU. I have met so many good friends in this program. The nice thing is, I can keep in touch with them and I don't have to do the homework anymore. I will miss associating daily with the people that I have met over the last two years.


Ariana hits Kierra.
That didn't hurt.
Ariana hits Kierra again.
That didn't hurt.
Ariana hits Kierra again.
That didn't hurt.
Ariana claws Kierra's legs.
That kind of hurt.

Kierra: Dad, I think it would be good to live in Arizona. I have always wanted to live where the white polar bears live. (she might be sorely disappointed.)

Kierra: Where are you going dad?
Dad: I have a temple recommend interview.
Kierra: What is that? What do you do there?
Dad: I meet with the bishop and the stake president. They ask me questions to see if I am trying to do what's right.
Kierra: Uh oh!
Dad: What? Don't you think I will do well at the interview?
Kierra: Well, sometimes you forget that stupid is a bad word!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Today is Easter, and it is so much fun with our little girls. They get so excited over the smallest things. I found a good Easter message here. I really enjoy the Easter season. It invokes many of the same thoughts and feelings as Christmas, but there is not as much commotion (except finals).

We are waiting to see where/if we will be going for our PhD program this year. We are down to three possibilities: University of Arizona, Purdue University, and Penn St. It is also possible that we also get a second masters and re-apply next year. Waiting to hear is driving me a bit crazy, but I am getting used that (being crazy). Here are some pics:

Kierra loved letting the new baby calves suck on her hands (sick!).
Ariana loves to take a bath!Both girls loved the Easter egg hunt at Grandpa Butterfields.


Dad: Okay, it is almost bedtime.
Kierra: I know, I know. Put on your PJs, brush your teeth, blah, blah, blah. (Thank you Aunt Kelli and Glenn Beck!)

Kierra: Hey Ari, say howie you ya. (The Hallelujah Chorus was on in the car)
Ariana: Howie you ya. (This went on for about ten minutes with lots of laughter.)

Kierra: Hey dad, I saw a statue of Rush Mountain. (That is Kierra-ese for Mount Rushmore)
Dad: How did you know?
Kierra: Because there were four little boy's faces carved in it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pics and Quotes

Well, we are to that point in the semester where I only have the energy to put in pics and quotes. I know, I know, that little voice in your head is saying, "Finally, we don't have to dig through all of the other junk to get to the good stuff." So, enjoy:Ariana has officially joined the ranks of nursery. She is not the biggest fan. I don't get it. If you want her to stay with you during church, she wants to run away. If you put her in a room full of toys, she wants to stay with you.Riding with Grandma and Grandpa to the Draper Temple open house.

Blowing bubbles with our milk. Oh, the wild times at FHE.
Kierra and Kindra at their mother-daughter date to Classic Skating. What a couple of babes!

Kid Quotes

Kierra: Dad, will sit on this egg (really a beach ball) for me?
Dad: No, that is way too big for an egg.
Kierra: It's okay dad, your bum is huge!

Ariana: Poo poo, mama.
Mom: Oh, do you need a diaper change?
Ariana: Yeah.
Mom: Okay, let's change your diaper.
Ariana: Just jokin'. (she really was poo poo's)

Dentist (to Kierra): I love your shoes.
Kierra: Yeah, I'm all about the color pink.

Ariana: Come here, princess. (that is what she calls Kierra sometimes)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blast from the Past

We were tagged by Curtis and Steph to post the fourth picture in our fourth folder in our photos. It has seen the blog before...and now it is back:This is us at Winter Quarters. I am pretty sure that Curtis somehow found out that this was my fourth picture in my fourth folder so that I would have to post a picture of myself in this hat again.

This is an easy tag (I even did it), so we tag Jake and Khanyi, Caleb and Jessica, the LaPierres, the Stevens, the Waters, and the Lambs.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready or Not...

Ariana is starting to scare us! One of her favorite new words is 'hide'. Unfortunately, she doesn't say it until she does it. She will randomly wander off, close the door (whether the light is on or off), find a place to hide, and wait for us to find her. It would probably be helpful if we new we were supposed to be looking for her. We have found her in many dark rooms, in cupboards, in the bathroom, behind our close hamper, in the dryer, in a locked room at the church (luckily there was another door that was not locked), etc. I really hope that her next favorite word is 'seek'. Here are some photos of her hiding (Kierra thought it looked so fun, that she decided to join in):
Kindra went to a place called Color Me Mine this past week. It is a ceramic shop. You go, pick out which piece of ceramic you would like to decorate, and then you paint and decorate it. They have a huge variety of paints and stencils. Kindra's friend gave her the idea of a 'celebrate plate'. It is a way to recognize someone in the family that does something special by letting them eat on the celebrate plate. She had a lot of fun and wants to go back. I don't necessarily want to go, so if you are thinking of a vacation, consider Color Me Mine in beautiful Provo, UT! Here is a picture of the Celebrate Plate:
Kid Quotes:

Kierra, put your pants on please.
Kierra: Dad, no, I want to put my hands in the pockets of my panties.
DJ: Kierra, your panties don't have pockets. Put your pants on.
Kierra: No dad! You don't understand. 'Pockets of my panties' is Spanish for 'pockets of my pants'.

Jungle, hide, sparkle, all animal noises, up, more, drink, why she sad, thank you, and cracker (which sounds very much like thank you).