Monday, November 26, 2007

We've Been Elfed

We thought you might enjoy this show. I have to say that I look pretty good in green velvet.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

Comfortable in My Skin

I, like Bill Cosby, have discovered that I am not the boss of this house. Mr. Cosby alluded to his wife being the boss. However, currently it seems like there is a new sheriff in our town. Kierra has mad all sorts of rules. Playing in the dryer is acceptable. Coming to mom and dad's bed is allowed. Smeering diaper cream all over your body and your bed is okay, too. The list goes on, but there is one rule that I do not understand. It now appears that clothes are optional in our home. Kierra takes any chance she can get to take off her clothes. I found her bathing herself in the sink. I found her walking a fake dog wearing nothing but mittens. I found her showing some of our friends' kids how to use the restroom (which, of course, entails wearing no clothes). I am starting to seriously consider a suggestion from a friend that seems a little primative. I won't tell you exactly what it is, but, just a bonus, I am recommending you buy stock in duct tape. Thinking about this, though, has really made me think about Kierra's approach to life. She is, to this point, uninhibited by what others think. She seems to be (literally) comfortable in her own skin. Maybe there is something we can learn from Kierra. Now, before you write me off as a nut, I am not suggesting that we all join a clothes optional club. I do think, however, that we hide who we really are with who we think people want us to be. I am not going too deep, but my streaking daughter has made me think that we, as adults, might not be as comfortable in our skin as we used to be.

I am very excited for Christmas. We put up our tree yesterday. Kierra was so excited. She repeatedly said, "It is going to be Christmas today." We also watched a movie representing the birth of Christ. This has become a special tradition for our little family. I love the mood that Christmas puts most people in. I love the thought that goes into other people. I love biscuits and gravy on Christmas morning. I love seeing the excitement in Kierra. And I love the meaning of Christmas.