Monday, August 20, 2007

Three Becomes Four

We have finally decided to join the blogging world. I know, I know it is about time. Someday we might upgrade to other modern technology such as a dishwasher, internet at home, ipods, cable television, or air conditioning. For now, we are very happy being a modern, stone-aged family. Right now I am waiting patiently for labor and delivery to call us so Kindra and I can start the process of having our second daughter. We could be using the time to pin down a name, but instead Kindra is getting some well-needed rest and I, for some reason, have chosen this time to become a blogger. We have a few major changes happening all this week. The biggest will be the birth of 'she who has not been named.' Friday is my last day working for the State of Utah. This comes with mixed emotions. I have enjoyed the people there and the stability of a decent paying job with good benefits. Working as a sales tax auditor is intriguing at times and frustrating at others, so there are some aspects I won't miss. I start the masters of business administration program next week. We have been planning on this for two years. We have saved a little nest egg, but will enter the world of big debt. We both (Kindra and I) feel that is will be worthwhile venture. I better be off to big event #1. The next time you read this I will most likely be an unemployed student and father of least you won't be able to see my receding hairline!!!