Sunday, June 5, 2011


It is summertime, and we are celebrating in the Fairhurst household! Ariana finished her first year of pre-school. She did great, had a fun time with her friends, and always enjoyed telling us about what she learned. She was very aware of the rules and made sure I knew that she was obeying her teacher. Pre-school was also an accomplishment for Kindra as she took turns with the other mothers to teach the kids. They did a great job, and the kids loved it!
Kierra finished kindergarten. She did great! At an awards ceremony at the end of the year she was given an award for citizenship, musin and p.e. I was especially proud of the p.e. award. Kierra did not love p.e., specifically she disliked running laps outside in the Arizona heat. However, she stuck with it and kept a good attitude. Apparently she gave a good enough effort for her teacher to notice. I am glad she didn't give up.

I also completed my second year of the doctoral program. The culmination of the first two years was a qualifying exam. I found out on Friday that I passed. What is my reward, you ask...three more years of school! I am happy to have the exam behind me and to be on to my next steps in the program. This, again, is something that Kindra deserves to celebrate. She has been the foundation during this hectic time. We celebrated with a night out to a seafood restaurant. Great food, great company, and no homework hanging over my head! The perfect way to celebrate!

We have been having a lot of family fun to celebrate. Bowling, trips to the pool, reading together, and, mostly, relaxing. We also have a baby girl that thinks she wants to crawl. She is constantly getting on all fours and falling forward. Enough face plants and she will eventually begin to shuffle.


Ariana, you be the mom and you can be married to dad!
[Gets an excited/nervous/blushing look on her face]
Ariana, are you daydreaming...because I am definitely daydreaming!

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Amanda and Chase England said...

Congratulations to you all! What great accomplishments, from preschool to doctoral school (Doctor school? I obviously don't know the right way to phrase that, but oh well). Enjoy the time off!