Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Surprise and Kid Quotes

On Saturday of Easter weekend, Kindra had a four hour meeting. A friend of mine was alone with his kids as well. So, we decided to take the kids to the park, let them play, and have a little Easter egg hunt. I went out to hide the eggs while the kids were playing. I scattered them all over a sandy area away from the playground equipment. With only a few eggs left, I noticed a dirt mound that I might be able to set an egg on. However, as I got close I realized the dirt mound was already a sonoran sidewinder (rattlesnake). Fortunately, it was asleep. We kept our distance and finished the egg hunt. Since then I have been having nightmares of sending four you children egg hunting with rattlesnakes. Luckily, the hunt turned out well!

Dad, did you know that when I get big I am going to get married and have kids and move to a different house than you? Don't worry though, I can visit you whenever I want to!

Kierra: Knock knock.
DJ and Kindra: Who's there?
Kierra: You guys watch too much t.v.
DJ and Kindra (thinking we were funny): You guy watch too much t.v., who?
Kierra: You guys watch too much t.v. of Chuck.

Ariana: At church, my friend and I went to the bathroom together. We heard really loud shaking. We thought that a giant was going to step on us in the bathroom. Then we realized we were under stairs.
Kierra: When you were scared, you should have yelled 9-1-1!

Kierra: Ariana, you don't have to eat your candy so fast. You can save some of it.
Ariana: Oh yeah, I forgot that candy doesn't go bad!
Kierra: Uh oh!!! We forgot about dad!
Ariana: You're right...I better hide my leftover candy!

Here are a few more pics:

The girls playing in the mud/sludge.

I'm so glad when daddy comes home! I usually get mauled when I get home. It makes everyone happy (especially mom!).

A family campout in the living room. It wasn't too hot and we didn't have to worry about snakes and scorpions.

The girls got their face painted at a community easter egg hunt.

Mom and Teya on Easter Sunday.

Peas in a pod!


adorable pearsons said...

Good save on the rattlesnake! Maybe you should pass on the responsibility of hiding Easter Eggs to someone else next year :). I love the campout idea---we will have to do that soon. Best quotes ever, too! AND...I could smooch that little Teya all day long- she is adorable!

Lott said...

Your kids crack me up. Best quotes ever! Thanks for the update and just so you know, I would have FREAKED out if I saw a mound of rattlesnake.

Amanda and Chase England said...

Sounds like your Easter was fun. . . glad no one got bitten, that's always a plus! You kids a riot by the way. I think I may just adopt Kierra's knock knock joke:)

Susan F. said...

Thanks for the cute pics and fun quotes. Just love those three little peas in a pod.

Mike and Kelli said...

Hilarious! So funny that Kierra busted you watching Chuck too much. The equivalent in our house is when Gracie says (in a disciplinary tone), "Mooooom, what are you watching? Is it Psych?" I love the picture of you with all three girls. And I think Ariana and Molly looks so much alike now! Crazy! Tell Kindra she looks gorgeous and give those girls some hugs and kisses for me.