Sunday, November 28, 2010

New (sort of) Addition!

Six months since I wrote! Obviously a lot has happened and I will not even attempt to capture everything. I will begin with the most important, then throw in a few kid quotes, and finish with a few pics of our last six months.

October 15th we welcomed a new daughter into the world. The delivery went very smooth, and we are so happy she is here. Her name is Teya Bailey Fairhurst. At birth she was 7 lbs 15 oz. and 19 inches long. Now she is driving and about to go off to college...okay, it hasn't been that long, but it feels like it! She is a very content baby, only crying when she is hungry. She sleeps most of the night, which is the good news. The bad news is she is a grunter. She constantly makes different grunting noises with her mouth. The first few days I was always worried she was choking. Now, I try my best to drown out the noise. Between Teya's grunting and my snoring, I doubt Kindra is getting much rest! Here are some pics of our cute little girl(s).


In church -
Dad: Ariana, can you put your dress down?
[and yes...her quote is in all caps for a reason]

Kierra: Thank you Ariana...Ariana, I said thank you...Ari, what are you supposed to say when I say thank you.
Ariana: You're welcome.
Kierra: I forgive you.

Dad: What is going on in there?
Kierra: I just couldn't understand what Ariana was trying t
o tell me. She was talking really fast. I told her to use one word at a time. Then she told me, 'Here is one word: GET OFF MY BED!'

OUR SUMMER (in reverse order):

We are starting to teach Kierra to ride a bike with no training wheels!

Kierra's first day of kindergarten. She loves school and is a good student.

Ariana's third birthday. She got a My Little Ponies carnival. She loves it!

We had a nice visit to Montana. We had a reunion and the girls saw most (unfortunately not all) of their Fairhurst cousins. We stayed at a lodge in Lincoln, MT. The girls were able to ride horses while we were there. Of course, our reunion involved the traditional potato car race. Kierra was this year's champion!

We also got in a visit to Utah to see Kindra's side of the family. We packed in a lot of fun including a picnic up the canyon, canoeing, fireworks, etc.

We had Kierra's 5th birthday at our neighborhood pool. It made cleanup easy and the kids had a lot of fun!


The Longs said...

Congrats on the new addition! I can't believe ya'll have 3 little girls now. And I'm just wondering why Kendra doensn't have a baby bump in any of the previous pictures? Your girls are so funny, I love hearing their quotes. The picnic in the canyon looks like the same spot my family and I had a picnic this past summer! Anyways, I'm glad ya'll are doing well!

Amanda and Chase England said...

I am so glad I got to see Teya! You have three beautiful little girls. Thanks for the kids quotes. . . they always make me laugh! Glad to know you are doing well and that you are a happy family of five:)

Sara said...

Love the pics of baby Teya. HOPE to see more :) The kids quotes are always hilarious. Hope you all are doing well. Love you.

Mike and Kelli said...

Teya is just beautiful! I hope I get to meet her soon!

Rachelle said...

Wow! Glad to know what happened with you guys the last 6 months. Congrats on another sweet little girl.

Marissa said...

WOA! kierra is in kindergarten? when did that happen!
and congrats on the new baby!! what a good lookin fam :)